Dua for Cheating Husband – Dua for Husband to Leave the Other Woman

Dua for Cheating Husband

Dua for Cheating Husband – It is so difficult to know that your husband is cheating on you with another woman. Cheating is the worst part. In this situation, you know that you can’t do anything because you want support to prove that he cheated you. All men have a different mentality. Some are loyal and some are not because heating is a choice, not a chance.

When a person cheats on you, they forget everything that you do good for him. Before they don’t care about anything or your value in their life. This dua for husband to leave the other woman has helped many women worldwide gain control over their cunning husbands’ thoughts and behavior. If your partner isn’t showing any interest in you while making them understand the effort of his bad habits in the relationship. Then you should take the help of this dua For cheating husband.

When you are reciting this dua, firstly remember you should have a positive mindset. Secondly, you must keep thinking about your husband when you are narrating the dua. Namaz will help you to create love in your husband’s heart again. What next, you have to recite the following dua. This dua for cheating husband will help you to get closer to your husband again.

InshaAllah very soon your husband will love you just like before.

Dua for Cheating Husband
Dua for Cheating Husband

Step to perform dua for cheating husband: –

  • You have to clean yourself nicely by taking bath.
  • Spread your janamaz and sit facing the Qiblah direction.
  • Now write surah Fatiha on white paper. Also, write your husband’s name below it Then, recite the durood Shareef 11 times.
  • Read Surah Fatiha 313 times. Next blow on the paper. Finally, keep it in a safe place. do it further than once a day.
  • Repeat it continuously for 41 days.

Dua for cheating husband is given below: –

Kul ka Yad Tawil khabeeso Wat TayyiboWa Lau A’a Jabakakasratolkhabeesi Fat takulLaahaYaUlilAlbaabi La AllakumTufliHoon

Dua for Unfaithful Husband

If your husband is hiding his mobile and keeps secrets and he is not loyal to you, you must talk about this if he ignores you then take some action. If this thing is not worthless. This dua for unfaithful husband will help you. Just following this dua faithfully for a husband will definitely work and Almighty Allah will heal your problem soon.

Read these instructions thoughtfully and follow them before performing dua to stop My Husband having affairs: –

  • You have to clean yourself nicely by taking bath.
  • Spread your janamaz and sit facing the Qiblah direction.
  • Furthermore, read durood Shareef 11 times in between and read a suitable dua for 111 times.
  • Do this wazifa continuously for 41 days. Also, you can read the Quranic verse 101 times.
  • Afterward, blow it on water and offer it to your husband.

Recite this dua for unfaithful husband after doing the whole process: –

laqadd jaaaaa Aakumm Rasulumminn Anfusikumm Azeezunn Alaihii Maa Anittumm Hareesunn Alaikumm Bilmumeeninaa Rauufurraheemm.

Dua for Cheating Spouse

Being jealous is a normal thing in the world. If your husband is good-looking and has an attractive personality and other women land easily all this thing. Even your husband also likes all this attention. He started chasing other women. This thing makes you more jealous. You started losing your husband’s attention. In a moment you will start hating him for what he does to you. Narrate this dua for cheating spouse after the namaz of Asr 51 times. Pray to Allah by begging to stop your husband from cheating on you and make him loyal. With the help of this dua very soon you will see changes in him.

Read these instructions if you wish to perform dua for cheating spouse: –

  • Read durood Shareef abundantly.
  • Do it especially while cooking for him.
  • Now, give the food to the poor every Thursday also pray for his faithfulness.

Here is dua for cheating spouse: –

Surah Yusuf -“Law La An Raajya Burhana Rabbihi kadha Lika Li Nasrifa Anhu Soo Aa Wa I Fahshaa Innahu Min Ibadinaa I- Mukhlaseena”

Narrate the above-specified dua at least 10 times daily and blow it on your husband. Make dua to safe your husband from another woman and pray for his Loyal. Don’t worry! Soon your husband will leave that woman and will start loving you. Start to be loyal to you with any such problems.


It’s okay! You will soon be able to live happily with your husband without having to worry about other problems. Contact us for more knowledge. We hope this dua will solve your problems and if by any chance you are not able to do them, then contact our team. We will perform it on your behalf. For any other info, you can contact our team on the given number.

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