Dua to Make Someone Agree With You

Arguments often take place in relationships or marriages. Sometimes we sort it out and sometimes they result in big fights that break the relationship. You should not let these little issues destroy the relationship or marriage.

You must sort them out and agree on the same point. Friendship and solving problems by agreeing with each other make the relationship. So talk to your partner and agree with them if they are right. Make them agree with you if you are right. You can also use dua to make someone agree for doing this work.

Dua to make someone agree is a powerful dua that is used to controlling or changing someone’s decision. Anyone can use it to make the other one agree. But please do not use it for any wrong purpose. It is a magical method taken from the holy book the Quran. So do not misuse otherwise Allah will punish you.

Read these instructions carefully to perform dua to make someone agree.

  • Take a bath and perform wudu or ablution with the clean water.
  • Recite this dua after any namaz of your choice.
  • Open the Quran and recite Surah yaseen for 3 times and then recite this dua to convince your parents for love marriage.
  • Ya Allahu ya fattahu for 303 times
  • You should continuously do this dua for 11 days with full commitment and see the result yourself.

Along with this dua you can also recite rabbi in lima aanzalta illayya min khayrin faqeerun for 11 times after the zenith.

Also lahawal wala quwata iilla billahil aliyil azeem for 100 times.

Insha Allah your work will be done and your partner or any other person will agree with you.

Dua To Make Someone Agree With You

Use, dua to make someone agree with you if you want to convince anyone for anything. This Islamic dua is a boon for Muslim brothers and sisters. It works for both men and women.

You can try it on anyone and they will agree with whatever you say to them. So recite dua to make someone agree with you to fulfil your desire.

Read these instructions before reciting dua to make someone agree with you. They are a very important part of the method please do not skip them. Otherwise, the dua won’t work at all.

  • Clean yourself and do wudu with fresh water.
  • Start with reciting Surah Yaseen, 3 times.
  • Then chant “YaAllahuYaFattahu”, continuously 303 times.
  • Then, recite Darood Shareef, continuously 3 times.
  • Now, recite the given amal, 128 times.
  • Write the amal on a piece write your beloved’s name on it.
  • Finally, recite Darood Shareef, again 3 times continuously.

After the ritual, follow this process.

  • Bury the paper in the ground and pray that you want the person to love you back.
  • You will recite “YaWadoodo“, 100 times soon after you wake up and just before you go to bed.
  • You must recite; “YaRa_oofa, 101 times as often as possible throughout the day.

Recite the most powerful dua to make someone agree with you


every night before going to bed.

Now recite below-written, dua to make someone agree with you and your work will be done. The person will be ready for anything. But please do not perform the dua with wrong intentions and recite it when you have good plans.

Here is, dua to make someone agree with you

Laqaad Jaa Akum rasulam Min Anfushikam Azeezum AlayahiAlaykumBilmoomininaa RaoofurRaheem.

Dua To Make Someone Agree For Marriage

Dua to make someone agree for marriage will be useful and beneficial for you if you want to convince your partner for marriage. It is also good for convincing parents for love marriage.

Recite this dua to make someone agree for marriage and follow the process and you will be able to convince everyone. But do not perform it with wrong intentions. Only recite it when you want to marry your partner and really love them. Otherwise, it will backfire on you. So be careful and read it with the pure heart and intentions.

Here is dua to make someone agree for marriage instructions. Read them carefully before applying. Follow the whole process to get best results. 

  • Anybody can do this procedure.
  • The procedure should be performed after offering the maghrib namaz. It is suggested that you should take a bath and make the ablution again.
  • Now, put the rug on a peaceful place where nobody can bother you.
  • When you are done with the above procedure sit on the prayer rug.
  • Now recite, YaAliyyu for 2970.
  • Do this for the 40 days continuously and inshallah you will get the desired result.

You can also recite the “Ya Allah-Allhamdulillah” for the next 1000 times and insha’Allah your marriage proposal will get accepted soon.

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