Dua to Protect from Shaitan in 1 Week

dua to protect from shaitan

Dua to protect from shaitan – The outer world has so many evil forces. Because from the starting, the earth was divided between good and evil powers. Good powers protect us but evil destroys everything. Black magic, shaitan, or spirits are also a part of this dark world. They are invisible but very much present in this world. One move from them can destroy a person. They are so powerful and nothing can beat them. 

But our Allah is very loving and merciful no matter how many sins we do, he always forgives us and protects us from all the evil powers. That’s why he has blessed us with many duas which we can recite with full heart to achieve our aim.

You can also dua to protect from shaitan try this if any evil spirit or shaitan is troubling you. Because of these souls and spirits. They do exist no matter how much we try to avoid their existence. They are there to harm us. So please don’t believe that they don’t exist because they do exist. Or they can be in your house, in your body, or anywhere around you. 

dua to protect from shaitan
dua to protect from shaitan

Dua to Save from shaitan was originally written in our holy book the Quran with the purpose of saving people from shaitan. After reciting this Surah for protection from Shaitan you will be able to protect yourself as well as your family from shaitan or evil spirits.

So try this dua to protect from shaitan to control or to destroy that evil spirit who is trying to destroy your happy life, house, and family. 

Surah to keep shaytan away is a very powerful, Islamic dua but it has some conditions so perform it as it is and pray to Allah to solve your problems. Insha Allah, everything will be alright soon. 

Before performing, follow all the rules and regulations carefully.

Following are the steps:- 

  • Clean yourself properly and take a bath.
  • Do wuddooh properly.
  • Clean the place where you are going to spread your Janemaaz.
  • Spread your janemaaz and sit facing Qiblah’s direction.
  • Read durood sharif for 1 time.
  • Now read this wazifa.
  • Again read durood sharif for 1 time.
  • Now with full focus try to connect your heart with Allah and ask him for his mercy upon you.
  • You can recite this dua any time after namaz.

Here Is Dua to Save from Shaitan

Allaahumma Aalimal-ghaybi wash-Shahaadati Faatiras-samawaati wal’ardhi, Rabba kulli shay In wa maleekahu ash-hadu ‘an laa ‘ilaahaIllaa ‘Anta, ‘a’oothu bika min sham nafsee, Wa min sharrish-shaytaani Wa shirkihi, Wa ‘an’ ‘aqtarifa ‘alaava nafsee soon, Aw ‘ajurrahu ‘ilaaj Muslimin

Dua to Protect from Shaitan 

Evil eyes or spirits stay invisible but do their work very efficiently. They don’t like to see others’ happiness. They start following you to keep an eye on you. To see, what are you doing? Where are you going? And what is happening in your life? They start watching your daily life activities secretly. These spirits or shaitan are very harmful to you. They can go to any level to destroy your happiness by doing evil things to you.

But our holy book the Quran has provided enough solutions to deal with this shaitan and evil powers. Dua to protect from shaitan is one of them. You can save yourself from shaitan and evil spirits after performing this dua. It is a very powerful Islamic dua that attacks the evil powers with full force until they remove it. 

So try this dua to remove Shaitan from home it will surely protect you from all the harmful and dangerous spirits.

Note- Instructions for performing dua for protection from evil eye are the same as dua to protect from shaitan. Please read them carefully before applying. 

Here is Dua to Prevent from Shaitan:

A’oothu bikalimaatil-laahit-taammaati min sharir maa khalaqa. 

Dua to Stay Away from Shaitan

Try this strong, powerful, Islamic dua for protection from the evil eye if a shaitan is troubling you and use this dua to burn shaitan. 

This dua to stay away from shaitan will surely shield you from shaitan and he will never come around you. This dua will create protection around you and that shaitan will not be able to cross it. You just need to follow each step carefully. So go with it. 

Note- Instructions for performing

Dua for protection from Waswas are same as dua to protect from shaitan. Please read them carefully before applying. 

Here is Dua to Stay Away from Shaitan

Rabbi ‘a’ outhubika min hamhamazaatish-shayateeni, wa ‘a’ outhu bika rabbi ‘ay-yahdhuroon

If you want to take the help from our Molvi Sahab, then call him now, he will solve all your problems In Sha Allah.

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