Dua to settle in Abroad with Husband

dua to settle in abroad

Assalamualaikum dear sisters, today we’ll be discussing a highly specific and very essential dua. It is a dua for going abroad with husband.

I know you’re also one of the housewives, who want to travel and settle abroad with your husband. In most of the cases, you get married to a man who is working abroad. After your marriage, when it’s time for your husband to get back to work and continue his job. You feel too lonely and you also start desiring to get abroad and settle with your husband.

Because while doing a job abroad, it can make everything difficult for both husband and wife as it makes it impossible to meet and talk in person. Keeping beside all the digital features like phone and video calls.

dua to settle in abroad
dua to settle in abroad

In some very rare cases, the husband does not like to take his wife to his workplace and settle there for a very long time. It’s either because of his old parents or because of his own choice to not take his wife abroad for privacy purposes.

And in most of the cases, the problem is that it becomes very difficult to get because it requires to have certain fiscal capabilities, health certificates, legal status & other important documents which makes the period to get the license to go abroad very lengthy and very complex.

So in order to have a very easy and convenient way to go abroad with husband is to follow and recite Dua for going abroad with husband just to ease the difficulty of getting an official license to travel abroad with husband.

So the procedure to properly follow it is given below.

Dua for Going Abroad with Husband

Doesn’t it surprise you? How there is a dua for every problem and issue in Islam. It guides and helps us to make the right choice and make the right decisions even in very difficult circumstances.

Hadith is full of answers, answers to the man who asks questions to himself and doubts the reality of life and the way it works.

So it is very obvious that there will also be a Dua for going abroad with husband and settle there for a long period and enjoy married life.

So the procedure to follow Dua for going abroad with husband is as follows

  • As usual, you must be in the wudu state.
  • You must have prayed salah.
  • You must ask for forgiveness from Almighty Allah SWT and show you mercy and make you give the results you pray and ask for.
  • Further, you must recite “Ya Mufettihai evab iftalena Hayral Bab” for a least 100 times and more if you wish to do so.
  • While reciting and being in this sacred state, you must have only pure thoughts, even if it’s about your enemies.
  • The most important point is to remember and imagine your husband the whole time while following this procedure. You must start picturing him in your mind as you start reciting the above dua.

In Sha Allah, almighty Allah SWT shall listen to your recitation and respond as he ought to.

Dua for Settling Abroad with Husband

If you don’t have any problem with getting an official license from the government for traveling but your husband doesn’t want to take you abroad with him. Then, you shall recite and follow the same above procedure as Dua for settling abroad with husband.

The above Dua shall obviously be able to help you to attain dua to go abroad with husband.

And if you want to change your husband’s mind and control it to make him obey and respect your opinions. Then you must read kisi se apni baat manwane ka amal.

As it’s also gonna help you to convince your husband to take you abroad and settle there.

Conclusion :

Almighty Allah SWT will respond to your prayers in his own way. Either you’ll successfully get the results of Dua for going abroad with husband or you’ll get something better and more deserving as depending upon your destiny.

So you need to worry about how he responds to your prayers, your responsibility is to ask for what you want and what you desire directly from Almighty Allah SWT.

If he thinks you going abroad with your husband is gonna make your future better, then he will absolutely make it happen no matter what.

So keep faith in what you believe. And keep praying and reciting for your desires and well-being.

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