Kisi Se Apni Baat Manwane ka Amal

Every individual has different views of thinking. Some relationship has a sweet on the other hand some realtion goes in a bad direction. If you really want to convince your partner then use this dua. You can use this dua for someone to listen to you.

In some point all relationships suffer due to not having good bonding in relation. These disagreements cause nothing but leads to differences in arguments. It is because of their ego and pride that leave them to stay in different paths in their life.

Here are some important steps to perform this kisi se apni baat manwane ka amal Read this dua carefully and follow each and every step of this dua. If you skip any word then this dua will not work for you.

Kisi Se Apni Baat Manwane ka Amal
Kisi Se Apni Baat Manwane ka Amal

Steps to Perform Dua kisi se apni baat manwane ka amal

  • Clean yourself and take a bath
  • Do a proper wuddooh
  • Spread Janemaaz and sit facing the Qiblah direction
  • Recite this dua after any namaz of your choice. 
  • Shouldn’t perform in periods 

Dua kisi se apni baat manwane ka amal is given below:

Kam ataina hum min ayatin bayyinatin. Waman yubaddil ni mata allahi min baad. Ma ja at hu fa Inna Allah shadeedul Iqaab

Kisi Se Apni baat Mawane ka Wazifa

Wazifa to make obedience is a very powerful Quranic method. If you want to change someone’s nature and want him to listen or obey you. Then you can use this kisi se apni baat mawane ka wazifa This will leave a great impact on your relationship and it will change your partner’s mind as well as heart also. Your pure intentions and offerings will be heard very soon and the results will be beneficial.

Steps to Perform kisi se apni baat manwane ka wazifa

  • For starting, before reciting this kisi se apni baat manwane ka wazifa, offer all the 5 supplications in a day.
  • You have to recite this dua to make someone obey you or to make someone obedient after the completion of all the Namaz.
  • If you are making the dua after the completion of namaz then at that time, you’ve to recite this kisi se apni baat manwane ka wazifa It is the perfect time to perform this dua.
  • After reciting the dua, you also have to ask the help from Almighty Allah. 

Just recite this dua according to the given method in order to see the desired positive result or rather a miracle.

Kam ataina hum min ayatin bayyinatin waman yubaddil ni mata min baad ma ja at hu fa Inna Allahabad shadeedul Iqaab

Recite this ayat from Suraj Al-Baqarah 51 times daily.

Kisi Se Apni Baat Manwane Ki Dua

In every stage it is complicated. It is not easy to handle all the situations. On the other hand, if your partner doesn’t listen you and he hits you in his bad temperament and abuses you all the time. Then you should not tolerate his wrong behaviours. This kisi se apni baat manwane ki dua to make partner obey you. This dua will bring your partner to close to you and it will help you in controlling your partner anger. He will start to obey you and he will leave all the bad habits behind. You just have to follow the instructions carefully and then wait for it to work.

Here are step to perform kisi se apni baat manwane ki dua: –

  • Anybody can do this procedure.
  • The procedure should be performed after offering the maghrib namaz. It is suggested that you should take a bath and make the ablution again.
  • Now, put the rug on a peaceful place where nobody can bother you. Then recite this kisi se apni baat manwane ki dua

Below-written mantra is the most powerful and working Islamic dua.

Bismillaahir rahmaanir raheem Alif-laaam-meeeem Zaalikal kitaabu laa raiba feeh; hudal lilmutaqeen allazeena yu’minoona bilghaibi wa yuqeemoonas salaata wa mimmaa razaqnaahum yunfiqoon wallazeena yu’minoona bimar unzila ilaika wa maaa unzila min qablika wa bil aakhirati hum yooqinoon ulaaa’ika alaava hudam mir rabbihim wa ulaaa’ika humul muflihoon Innal lazeena kafaroo sawaaa’un ‘alaihim a-anzar tahum kafaroo sawaaa’un ‘alaihim ‘a-anzar tahum am lam tuzirhum la yu’minoona khatamal laahu ‘alaava quloobihim wa ‘alaa sami-him wa ‘alaaa absaarihim ghishaa watunw Wa lahum ‘azaabun azeem a mineen naasi mainu yaqoolu aamanna billaahi Wa bil yawmil aakhiri Wa maa hum bimu’mineen yukhaadi’oonal laaha wallazeena aamanoo Wa maa yash’uroo fee quloobihim mara dun fazaadahumul laahu maradun Wa lahum ‘azaabun alainum bimaar kaanoon yakziboon

Try it once, Inshaa Allah. It will show you the difference. You will notice changes in your parents. They will start loving your partner a lot. May, Almighty heal your problems and pains.


We hope this dua will give you good result and solve your problems soon. If by any chance you are not able to perform them then contact our team. We will perform it on your behalf. For any other information, you can contact our team on the given number.

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