Shohar Ko Kabu Karne ki Dua (100% Working Dua)

dua for love attraction

Shohar Ko Kabu Karne ki Dua – It is believed that when two souls meet, they can make this earth a beautiful place to live in for themselves and for the whole of mankind. That’s why marrying the right person is very important as it is about love or a perfect partner. In marriage, love matters more than anything. Marrying a wrong shohar or biwi could be very ruthless. This will create a sense of hatred and annoyance which will stand like a wall between the couple.

Violence will get involved in the marriage and all of a sudden everything will be shattered and there will be no way out to avoid or to cope up with the situation. Something will be on their back to disturb or not to let them stay with their partner post marriage. Marriage is not about a divide and rule kind of situation. It’s a pure bond of two souls where things can be shared with ease with a correct partner. So you better be careful if you have gotten into a wrong marriage and violence is a part of your relationship. You must leave your husband.

If you are not able to walk out or deal with the violence then you should try shohar ko kabu karne ki dua. It is a very powerful, Islamic method to control your husband’s mind. According to the Quran if you perform this shohar ko apne kabu me karne ki dua then your husband will be in your control. You would be able to make him do anything. He will work according to his wishes.

dua for love attraction
dua for love attraction

This Islamic shohar ko kabu karne ka tarika is a really strong and a hundred percent result-giving method. After trying this dua, you can get rid of the other woman who has entered your husband’s life. No need to get a divorce to control your husband’s and solve all your problems.

Apart from it, you can force him to work if he is not working. You can also get rid of your in-laws if they are troubling you. Your husband will speak in your favor. You can also stop him from drinking alcohol if he has that habit. He will do anything that you want him to do. 

Shohar ko apne kabu me karne ki dua

This shohar ko kabu karne ki dua will remove all the obstacles from your marriage and it will create a deep bond of love and trust between you and your husband.

You just need to read this husband ko kabu Karne ki Powerful Dua carefully and with great dedication and concentration to get good results as soon as possible.

This apne shohar ko apni taraf karne ki dua is divided into a few steps and you have to apply it in the same way. Be careful while performing it and follow the steps as it is. It will work if applied properly.

  • Before going to sleep when you are in bed take wuzu and then recite 11 times of Darood Shareef after reciting¬†Bismillah sharif.¬†
  • Remember your husband or shohar in your heart or mind and after Darood Shareef recite this more times and it depends on yourself. You can choose the number according to your choice.
  • Then recite this Shohar ko apne kabu me karne ki dua and concentrate on your problem and try to connect your heart with Allah. Ask for his mercy while reciting this dua.¬†

Here is, shohar ko kabu karne ki dua:-

Man kana Muhammad in abaa ahadin min rijaalikum walla kin rasool Allahi wa khatiman nabiyeena be rehmatikaa ya ar hamar rahemena

After reciting this magical dua your work will be done. Insha Allah. God will listen to your prayers and in return for your prayers, he will give you a loving and caring husband.

Husband Ko Kabu Karne Ki Dua

Marriage has its own challenges. It isn’t as good as it looks from the surface. There are other things that get involved in it such as fights and miss understandings. And worst of all violence, betrayal, and cheating. An individual, especially a woman has to go through a lot to keep their marriage alive. Because society always burdens women for everything. But women should not adjust to anything.

So if you are also stuck in a loveless marriage or you are facing violence-related issues then fight back for your rights. Or try this, husband ko kabu karne ki dua. It is a powerful method that will solve all your problems. This method is taken from our holy book the Quran to help women. So you must try this husband ko kabu karne ki dua to stand for your rights.

This, husband ko kabu karne ki dua will bring your husband on the right path as you will be able to control his mind and actions.

Husband ko kabu karne ki dua is written below-

  • Sab se pahele biwi ko chaheye wo taza wazu bana le
  • Ye dua sone se pahele kare
  • Sab se pahele martabar paak daroodshareef padhe
  • Abh ye dua 70 martabaar kare

Allaho lateefo beibadihi yarzuku mayi yashao wahual kawiyool azeez 

Abh phir se 3 martabar paak darood shareef padhe uske baad apne dono haath utha kar Allha se dua kare. 

Insha allah jaldi aapke shohar aap k liye piglega or wo aap se mohobbat karenge. Is paak dua ko aap 21 din roz kare. Aap zyada jankari ke liye hamare Maulvi Sahab se abhi contact karein.

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