Dua to Break Haram or Unlawful Relationship

dua to break relationship

Assalamualaikum everyone, Haram relationships are very common these days because cheating has become a way of life to almost every human being in the whole world. This blog post will be particularly about a dua to break Haram relationship very fast and quickly.

Haram relationship could be with your husband or your fiance as well. As we’ve already mentioned above about cheating. It is not easy to build trust and receive honesty from the other side. It takes faith and loyalty to be reckless in a relationship.

But if your husband or wife is already in a sub relationship with someone else. And everything between them seems to go really well. And it starts to hurt you as you’re the true soulmate of your partner and he or she doesn’t care about it.

dua to break relationship
dua to break relationship

So there is a very effective way to break your partner’s relationship with his Haram love. You can simply recite a Dua to break relationship very fast and very quickly.

Dua to Break Relationship

Apart from breaking your partners relationship with someone else. If you’re looking for a Dua to break your own relationship, in which you’re really unhappy and the person doesn’t treats you well. But you literally have no authority in it, to take leave or break your relationship with him or her.

So an effective way to break your relationship is to follow the below process.

Following is the procedure to be followed for reciting Dua to break relationship

  • First you must perform salah and must be in wudu state.
  • You must remember all the reasons for your decision to start reciting this Dua in the beginning it self.
  • Now you must start reciting Surah Al Kausa for 33 times straight.
  • Don’t forget to read Durood-e-Shareef in the beginning as well as in the end.
  • Now you must talk to the Almighty Allah SWT and make Dua.

In Sha Allah, the Almighty Allah SWT shall help you through this Dua to break relationship and make you get out of the toxic relationship you’re in.

Important – Breaking a halal relationship in Islam is completely prohibited. Be sure to try all the possibilities to be fix the complicated relationship in which you’re in and suffering.

Dua to Break Haram Relationship

Now coming to the actual point of breaking your husband’s relationship with another woman which is Haram and illegal according Islam as well as any law.

In order for you to break your husband’s illegal relationship, you need to build more love in between of you. So that your husband can completely forget about his other woman.

There is a very helpful Dua in Islam to legally increase love between anyone. It is given below with a complete process.

Following is the procedure for a Dua to break Haram relationship

  • Start with a salah and making Dua for your friends and family.
  • Now you must seek forgiveness for every sin you have done in your life.
  • Now you must start reciting Durood-e-Shareef for a minimum of 11 times.
  • Finally, you can now recite “Ya Wadoodo” for 786 times straight continuesly to get your results.
  • Don’t forget to end this process with 11 times Durood-e-Shareef as well.

Then the Almighty Allah SWT shall decide or rewrite your fate according his own way and will to help you with the right choice and great person only through this very fast and effective Dua to break Haram relationship.

Dua to Break Unlawful Relationship

Unlawful and Haram relationship is completely similar in Islam. A partner once tied up in marriage terms is not allowed to be with someone else without the prior permission of his or her partner.

Almighty Allah SWT hates traitors and liars no matter who, if you cheat someone and something doesn’t go well then you’ll be punished in every way possible.

If you’re specifically looking for a Dua to break unlawful relationship, then please follow the same procedure of Dua to break Haram relationship.

Conclusion :

You need to keep completely pure faith in the the Almighty Allah SWT and recite these Dua to break relationship if you lose faith or start doubting your beliefs with impure and unwanted thoughts. Then you’re Dua may well be ignored and will be vanished.

Always think good for your partner and also for your future. If you get results from Dua to break Haram relationship, then you’ll be completely guided by the Almighty Allah SWT in an Islamic and halal way.

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